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The Minoan palace of Knossos, the most important archeological site on Crete ! Starting the day with the discovery of the Minoan civilization and the Greek mythology. Knossos is 5 kilometers south of Iraklion. A professional guide can travel you through the magical history of the origins of our civilization today! Iraklion, the capital of the island of Crete. The Venetian harbor with its castle, lion’s square, the local market, Agios Minas, the cathedral. A stroll through the old city and a nice little tavern for some local food… To finish this excursion, the wonderful  archeological museum which will complete the experiences of your visit. All the treasures found at the palace of Knossos but other sites on the island, are exposed.

Private Wine Country Tour

Arkadi-Melidoni Cave -Old City of Rethymno

Visit Arkadi, one of the most importantand beautiful monasteries on the island. It’s heartbreaking story proves the Cretan struggle for independence during the history. Rethymnon, third largest city but with a provincial air. The beautiful Venetian harbor but the old Venetian city with Turkish influences. Lose yourself in the little roads. An experience you will never forget! The lovely village of Fodele, in a fertile valley surrounded by orange and lime groves. A coffee next to the small river. You can find all the local products, virgin olive oil, honey, raki at a good price. The hospitality of the locals is heartwarming!

Gortys-Festos Palace-Matala-Zaros

A combination of culture, beach and mountains in the Messara valley. In the south of Crete two important archeological sites. Festos, the second most important Minoan palace. Lovely because of it’sauthencity. And Gortys, an important ancient Roman city. Matala, the flower power beach, well known from the sixties when the hippies lived in the caves on the  beach. Zaros in the mountains with lots of springs. Possibility to visit the lake and walk the gorge.

Malia Palace-Krasi-Plateau Lassithi

After Knossos and Festos,  at Malia is located the third largest Minoan palace on Crete. The plateau of Lassithi, well-known for its white-cloth-sailed windmills. A circle of 17 traditional mountain villages surrounded by the beautiful mountains. Possibility to visit the Diction cave, where Zeus was born.

Private Cretan Olive Tour -Cretan Food Tasting Experience