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Anogia, the traditional well known town, located on the Psyloritis, the highest mountain on Crete. This friendly town makes a nice break from all the beaches and shows you another sight of Crete. It has a good reputation for the best woven and embroidered handicrafts in Crete! The Sendoni cave at Zoniana, one of the most spectacular caves of Crete. Easy to visit and you will be impressed by the five million year old stalactites, stalagmites and waves. Drosia, a small, very green mountain village, well known for its taverns offering baby pork meat. The Vossakos monastery, hidden in the mountains,  difficult to find. It was built there on purpose to protect the monks from invaders.


Preveli, a monastery famous for its resistance during the centuries with a panoramic view on the Libyan Sea and the Paximadia Islands! But Preveli has one of the most beautiful and special beaches of the island. A river, running down from the white mountains , arrives in the Libyan sea. Behind the beach,you can escape up the palm-lined riverbanks on foot or by pedalo. Plakias, a small resort  at the Libyan Sea, which attracts mostly young people. It’s a lively and friendly place, surrounded by wonderful beaches! Spili, a traditional mountain village, well known for its fountain with the Venation lion heads but ‘the’ place to buy local products! Agia Galini, another small fisher’s village with its small harbor and easy way of living!


Sitia, a beautiful city in the far east of Crete with a small harbor and a nice boulevard . This city is the birthplace of VinzentzosKornaros, beloved Cretan writer. The remains of a small fortress will bring us back to the  history of the pirates and Barbarossa. Vai, thefamous beach with  its palm trees! As you lie on the fine sand, you could almost imagine  yourself to be on a Caribbean island. The monastery of Toplou looks more like a fortress than a religious institution. «Toplou» means» with a cannon»,  referring to the struggle of the monks to defend their monastic traditions to invaders. Zakros, have a walk through the gorge, the valley of dead’s! It is a wonderful small fisher’s village with a pebbly sand beach.


Chania, the most beautiful city of Crete.  It’s Venetian harbor, lose yourself  in the narrow streets of the old city ! Turkish and Venetian architecture will travel you through its rich history…. Visit the local covered market for shopping therapy and discovera quarter of museums.  Chania has so much to offer, you will have a hard time to leave!!!! Kournas lake, the only fresh water lake in Crete!


After Knossos and Festos,  at Malia is located the third largest Minoan palace on Crete. The plateau of Lassithi, well-known for its white-cloth-sailed windmills. A circle of 17 traditional mountain villages surrounded by the beautiful mountains. Possibility to visit the Diction cave, where Zeus was born.


Ierapetra, the southernmost city in Europe, facing the Libyan Sea! Chrissi Island, about one hour away from Ierapetra by boat. A small desert island with a cedar forest and very beautiful beaches (Shell Beach).


In the west of Crete we’ll find some of the most amazing beaches. At Kissamos a boat brings you first to Gramvousa. Your choice… visit the venetian castle or enjoy the beach…. Lots of stairs to mount for the castle but the view is breathtaking!!!! Twenty more minutes of boat and we arrive at the lagoon of Balos. There you just enjoy this paradise! We don’t need to explain, this a day for beach lovers!


Samaria, one of the most long and beautiful gorges in Europe! It is a longue hike, starting from the plateau of Omalos, south-west of Crete. 18 kilometers, which demand a good physical condition and good walking shoes! You arrive at AgiaRoumeli to have a swim in the Libyan sea. A boat will bring you to Chorasfakion where your driver will be waiting for you!


One of the most beautiful places of Crete, the Bay of Mirambelo ! The most luxurious resorts are located at Elounda ! There is a reason, the colorful views are breathtaking….  We go untilPlaka to take pictures of the isle of Spinalonga (leper colony and ancient venation castle), a stroll at the fisher village of Elounda! Agios Nikolaos, ‘le Saint-Tropez’of Crete! A beautiful little town with a small lake in the center, two small harbors. Relax with a coffee at the lake and do some shopping therapy… Kritsa, a bit further away in the mountains, brings you closer to the traditional way of life in Crete. Enjoy this traditional village with it’s typical orthodox church and the little shops with local products!!!! And … eat some fresh fish at the village of Mochlos. The view on the Aegean sea and the mountains will astonish you!!! But Mochlos is  ‘Zen’!!!This place is so cool, you might lose you hearth forever…


The Minoan palace of Knossos, the most important archeological site on Crete ! Starting the day with the discovery of the Minoan civilization and the Greek mythology. Knossos is 5 kilometers south of Iraklion. A professional guide can travel you through the magical history of the origins of our civilization today! Iraklion, the capital of the island of Crete. The Venetian harbor with its castle, lion’s square, the local market, Agios Minas, the cathedral. A stroll through the old city and a nice little tavern for some local food… To finish this excursion, the wonderful  archeological museum which will complete the experiences of your visit. All the treasures found at the palace of Knossos but other sites on the island, are exposed.


A combination of culture, beach and mountains in the Messara valley. In the south of Crete two important archeological sites. Festos, the second most important Minoan palace. Lovely because of it’sauthencity. And Gortys, an important ancient Roman city. Matala, the flower power beach, well known from the sixties when the hippies lived in the caves on the  beach. Zaros in the mountains with lots of springs. Possibility to visit the lake and walk the gorge.


Visit Arkadi, one of the most importantand beautiful monasteries on the island. It’s heartbreaking story proves the Cretan struggle for independence during the history. Rethymnon, third largest city but with a provincial air. The beautiful Venetian harbor but the old Venetian city with Turkish influences. Lose yourself in the little roads. An experience you will never forget! The lovely village of Fodele, in a fertile valley surrounded by orange and lime groves. A coffee next to the small river. You can find all the local products, virgin olive oil, honey, raki at a good price. The hospitality of the locals is heartwarming!